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I’ve brought Annie Kuhn on board to edit many of my children’s book manuscripts. She’s gifted in both substantive and line editing, and she has vast knowledge of the children’s book industry. She’s truly a creative partner, drumming up plot and character solutions that I haven’t considered. She’s kind, considerate, and tireless in polishing projects until they shine. I’m always so grateful to Annie for her wise counsel, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone needing expert advice in manuscript doctoring.

     –Shelley Swanson Sateren, author of over 40 children’s books

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I've found that some editors approach their work with a ruthless eye and a detached, mechanical goal, but Annie isn't like that. She builds up the writers she works with, and she is as encouraging as she is meticulous. Editing my first novel, Jinn, was a breeze with her by my side, and she approached the magical, fantastical material with an open mind and heart. She gave me the confidence to share my work with the world.


     –Jordan Trippeer, screenwriter & novelist



I have written several books and also have been included in numerous anthologies. I have learned to trust Annie's exceptional editing skills. They say writers are no better than the editor who revises their drafts. I believe that is an understatement. Annie improves what I have written. Under her watchful guidance, my writing is clearer and more correct, with the impact I desire.

I give her my highest recommendation.


     –Mike Strand, author of the Meditations on Brain Injury Series



I've had Annie critique multiple picture book manuscripts for me, from early drafts to heavily revised manuscripts, and each time she provided me with insightful feedback.  Annie has a way of asking probing questions that help me get to the heart of my stories, without being overly directive or prescriptive. Every one of my manuscripts improved after her input, and I know I'm getting closer to publication thanks to her thoughtful editing.


     –Tziporah Cohen, author of No Vacancy  and City Beet


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When I met Annie, I was struggling with a wordy picture book I had been working on for quite awhile. The decision to hire her to edit it was one of the best I have made. Annie explained to me in great detail the fundamentals of picture book writing; my book was way too long, and needed substantial revising and editing. With a supportive, kind, and professional manner, Annie helped me rewrite a tighter and much stronger story. I highly recommend Annie for any level of writer seeking a conscientious and encouraging editor.


     –Roxana Lehmann-Haupt



Annie’s keen editorial eye helped me keep my historical fiction on track by catching discrepancies in my cultural references. Annie further helped me refine my language, producing precise, evocative description to draw in readers. Annie reads with insight and passion. She could make any manuscript better!


     –J. James Keels

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