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Writing a book is a journey. Sometimes that journey is easy, sometimes challenging. When your goal is publication, the journey can be very challenging. It may seem like an impossibly wide gap to get from where you're at to where you want to be.


This is where Red Bridge can help.


The town where I grew up had a cheerful red footbridge that crossed a stream at the bottom of a deep ravine.


That bridge from my childhood—along with the ravine below—was a place for me to play, to explore, to be bold and adventurous. It was a place to test myself, to build my confidence and learn where my limits lay. It was a place of friendship, encouragement, and laughter. The red bridge made my life better.


I founded Red Bridge Editorial to make your life better—your writing life, that is. Red Bridge Editorial can provide the safety and security of a place to test yourself and grow as a writer. You will be encouraged to be bold, playful, and confident in your work. Our services can be a bridge to shorten the gap between writing in doubt or frustration and professional authorship. The path to publication is often difficult and long. Good editing can provide a shortcut on that journey by making sure you're doing your best writing.


–Annie Kuhn

photo by Hannah Lee Kuhn Photography
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